CNCSG3000 Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Validity date: 45daysModel Description QTYCNCSG3000gantry type plasma cutting machineEffective cutting area2200mmx4000mm1setPlasma max cutting thickness75mm(Mild Steel)50mm(Stainless Steel)50mm(Al)Mac

Validity date45days

Model Description QTY

gantry type plasma cutting machine

Effective cutting area



Plasma max cutting thickness

75mm(Mild Steel)
50mm(Stainless Steel)

Machine size


Main Components




6000mm, Heavy Rail, Helical Rack And Pinion


Drive model

Double-drive; Panasonic AC servo motor(Japan Brand)


Gear box

Neugart(Germany Brand)


Plasma power source

Kjellberg SmartFocus400(Germany Brand)


Plasma torch height controller

Our factory Sensor THC


CNC controller

Our factory LKNC-3200 EtherCAT Controller(17” LED Touch Screen)


Mobile Phone APP

Mobile Phone APP Monitor & Remote Control Machine


Nesting software

FASTCAM Professional Version(Australia Brand)


Cable and hose model

Closed Pedrail


Laser point

Laser Point For Alignment


Auto rail clean device

Auto Rail Clean Device


Auto lubrication device

Auto Lubrication Device


FOB Shanghai $61,000

Commerce Terms

Production time

Within 45 days after down payment

Payment term

30% down payment, balance before shipment


Plywood case and tray

Container requirement

20’GP container

Warranty: 12 months from the date of bill of lading issued.

Installation, training and commissioning service terms:

a) Time cost: 1 engineers 10-15 days

b) Engineer’s visa fee, round-trip flight tickets from Shanghai to user’s spot, food and accommodation cost undertaken by buyer.

c) Engineer’s subsidy 80.00 USD per day, per person.

d) Buyer takes responsibility to arrange a Chinese speaking translator to be assistance during installation and training.

·  For gantry type cutting machine, this quotation excludes rail installation foundation, cutting table       (water cutting table) and pedrail hanger.

TAYOR will supply full sets of drawing to buyer for installation preparations upon receipt of down payment.

*Product images and cutting parameter inside of this file are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product!

Technical Specification

1 Model: CNCSG3000 plasma cutting machine

2 Basic Components

Mechanical Components

CNC plasma cutting torch


Plasma torch height controller


Plasma torch anti-collision device


Drive Model


Cable/hose Supply Model


Electronic Components

Numerical control system model



Delta(Taiwan Brand)

Electric components

Schneider(France Brand)

Plasma power source model

Kjellberg SmartFocus400

Programming and nesting software

FASTCAM (professional)

Horizontal Servo Driving motor

Panasonic AC servo motor(750W)

Longitudinal Servo driving motor

Panasonic AC servo motor(750W)

Gear box

Neugart(Germany Brand)

Auxiliary Machinery By Buyer

Voltage-stabilized source

We will give requirements

Air compressor

Oil-water separator

Foundations Made By Buyer

Cutting table

We will supply drawing

H beam load bearing foundation

Installation cement foundation

Pedrail Channel

3 Main Specification

Basic Parameter

Effective cutting width


Effective cutting length


Plasma cutting thickness


Plasma cutting speed


Cutting torch lifting distance


Idle running speed


Speed setting error


Torch height controller accuracy


Longitudinal line accuracy


Accuracy Test

Complete machine accuracy
(Subject to the right drawing)
Side length (Four sides)
1000mm x1000mm
Lineation speed,500-800mm/min

length of a side


Diagonal error |AD-BC|


Base point return error


Intersection point error


Lineation forward- reverse error


Plasma Part

Plasma power source

Kjellberg SmartFocus400

Duty cycle


Max output current


Plasma source power


Machine weight

3.2 ton

Accelerated speed

≥ 0.6m/sec2

Other Parameter


≤80 db

Motor power

Longitudinal and Horizontal 0.75 Kw 3set

4 Working Requirement

Basic Requirement

Supply power voltage/ frequency

3 phase×380v±10%/50Hz
1 phase×220v±10%/50Hz

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

<90% no condensation



Flame Cutting Requirement

Gas type

Propane / Acetylene

Cutting oxygen pressure

0.5-0.8 MPa

Pre-heat oxygen pressure


Gas pressure

0.05-0.1 MPa


Purity: 99.5%

Flow: 1.0m3/h

Plasma cutting requirement

Compressed air

Dry, Oil free;
Flow: 400 scfh
Pressure: 8 bar


Purity 99.5%; Dry, Oil free
Flow: 150 scfh
Pressure: 8 bar


Purity 99.99%; Dry, Oil free
Flow: 410 scfh
Pressure: 8 bar


Purity 99.995%; Dry, Oil free
Flow: 150 scfh
Pressure: 8 bar

5 Programming And  Nesting  Software (FastCAM Professional Version)

FastCAM is a powerful CAD plotting software specially used for number control cutting and it can read CAD DXF files and choose and output the NC files of different controllers; in addition, it can speed cutting obviously, heighten cutting quality and thus improve social and economic benefits.

Plotting System

Compatibility of plotting software

Special functions to DXF files;
CAD clearing function;
CAD compacting function;
CAD extraction function;
CAD breaking and ranking functions.

Bridge function, including continuous bridge, break bridge and interruption bridge.

Cutting Path

Able to automatically or manually set cutting direction.

Able to set cutting starting port, finishing point and cutting sequence.

Able to set leadin and leadout.

With the mid-layer function of CAD, able to set and conduct cutting, marking and drilling etc.

Nesting System

Able to nest quickly, continuously and automatically by placing hundreds of parts on many steel plates.

Able to conduct optimized nestling on the rest steel plates.

Able to manually interrupt AC automatic nestling and interfere with discharge.

In the optimized nestling process, able to specify, revise and choose parts and have free horizontal movement, rotation and matrix etc.

Verifying System

Able to have analogue check and change to NC cutting files.

Able to calculate material cost and processing cost.

Able to support many controller NC codes and switch among different codes.

Able to provide many languages that Windows platform supports.

Printing: Discharging drawings and name, discharging parts list;
steel plate size, cutting speed, cutting time and steel plate utilization rate;
Programming parameters and number control codes.

6 CNC Controller Details

LKNC-3200B CNC (EtherCAT) Intro

The new CNC Cutting Control System LKNC-3200B is a field bus control system using industrial Ethernet (EtherCAT) based on 64-bit Linux real-time operating system. Instead of traditional motion control axis cards (PMAC) and complex wiring between CNC and servo drives, the new EtherCAT based CNC only uses a common network cable to connect multiple network servo drives in series. In addition, the digital serial communication method adopted by the network cable greatly enhances the anti-interference ability of motion signals and improves the accuracy.

In the Human-Machine-Interface (HMI), the new LKNC3200B continues the multi-task operation of the previous controller: during the process of part processing you can perform multiple operations, such as file editing, graphic changing, parts nesting, network transferring, parameter setting and cutting torch enabling. Equipped with a 19high resolution LCD touch screen, it has the characteristics of intuitive and user-friendly interface, easy and simple operation.

This system can also monitor the status of AC servo in real-time environment, and truly realize the control function of true bilateral and full feedback.

In terms of network, the system supports the mainstream industrial communication protocol OPU UA, which facilitates the access of equipment to the group control MES system of major manufacturers.


1. True bilateral, full feedback:

  • oordinate absolute value and difference value of Double X axis are respectively reflected on the control interface
  • The alarm information, absolute value, torque, speed, etc. of the motor are fed back to the controller